Expressing Yourself


Self expression is important. When you express who you are, it can bring joy and happiness into your life. But the stresses of daily life can sometimes take over our lives, and when they take over your life, they can suppress that joyful feeling you once had. So how can you be yourself while trying to meet the standard that society has deemed “normal”?  Well, with the combination of staple items, accessories, and the following fashion recommendations, this “normal” can be met all while staying true to who you are.

Staple wardrobe items, or what most people call “staples,” are important clothes that should be kept in everyone’s closet. These are usually sweaters, jackets, jeans, and shoes. The color and style of clothes and shoes can help one distinguish between a staple item and a trendy piece. As seen above, there are two pictures, highlighting staple items for both men and women. Both collage lists have similarities but there are also differences. It is a defining feature of staple items to be unimposing, neutral colors, and use styles that can be seen as timeless. When it comes to self expression, these staple items can be complemented with a unique accessory. For example, you can add a vibrant colored scarf or even a exotic pair of shoes to your outfit. That way, you are expressing who you are as an individual, all while staying under the umbrella that society has put up for us.

Each person is different and will usually differ with their styles, tastes, and attitudes —that’s what makes us who we are. So, if these items are not for you… DON’T WEAR THEM! The point of this article is to share the general idea that neutral colors and timeless pieces are what you need. Then, when you feel like adding a flare and expressing who you are, pair these staple items with accessories that are YOU! Always remember to love who you are before you allow someone to try and change you, and never be afraid to be yourself.