Beauty is Beauty


B.B.W., voluptuous, curvy and thick.  All wonderful names for Plus Sized women. But why is there a distinction between what we call Plus Sized women and average women? Why don’t we just use the standard descriptions of beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning? 

Beauty is beauty no matter the color, shape, or size.  One of the most unfair parts of our lives is receiving negative attention directed towards something we cannot control: our looks.  Everyone has had to deal with this negativity in some way.  Weight is one of the physical attributes that many people pay special attention to.  Unfortunately, it is something that can be used as a compliment and an insult.  Plus Sized women are more susceptible to insults for a variety of irrational reasons, and the attacks on their bodies can cause immense emotional pain.  I know this because of my firsthand experiences with my family and friends.  Constantly seeing them struggle with weight, always being concerned about how they looked and what others thought about them, really shook me to the core.  Why do we judge others based on how they look without any knowledge of their situation or how they feel inside? There is no need to judge someone who might be reminded of how they look every day.  

That is the beauty of fashion. It is for everyone. It is the place where you can be you regardless of how you look or how you feel about yourself. Every single person should feel like they are a superstar when they leave their house. What most people fail to understand is that feeling like a superstar is about confidence and how you present yourself, not necessarily about how you look. If you feel that you are on top of the world, as you walk around the world, you will radiate pride and confidence that will affect everyone who sees you. 

For example, seen in a few photo below, the model is wearing a beautiful uniquely printed olive green printed side-split dress with a tan boot. All of this is tied together with natural curly hair, and natural makeup.  As you see, the model radiates confidence, proud of who she is and what she’s in. Like her, you should always be comfortable with what you do and with what you wear, no matter what that may be. Being uncomfortable will be seen through your attitude and body language, which is why it is important that you leave home everyday feeling confident with yourself.

Now, I'm not saying go out and wear clothing that doesn’t fit your body and complement the curves that you were given. Instead, try and step out of your comfort zone and wear a new stylish look that brings you the confidence that you deserve.  I challenge any and everyone who reads this to go shopping for things that will help you exude your natural confidence.  Set a reasonable budget, and bring a friend you can trust. Not only a friend who will boost your confidence, but who will be honest with you, as having someone who is honest will help you feel confident that the things you are wearing and buying bring out the beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning woman inside. 

Always remember, love you for you. Don’t let anyone change who you are until you are ready for change!